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Own Brands of MarsGroup

Own Brand - a brand that is owned directly wholesale network. Today, the company owns MarsGroup brands such as Pituso and Bambola, proven in the market children's products with the best hand. This proven brands, products have been successfully sold throughout Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Own Brand «Pituso»

In a Spanish village, away from the noise of the capital of Madrid, in the family textile artisan born awaited girl named Pepita. She was so sweet kid that all around, from the time it became affectionately call Pituso (in Spanish - cute, nice, beetles).

Looking at the rising Pepita, the father decided to start the production of goods for kids. Business started with the children's cradles. First orders are placed at the factory and

Increases with time and the range and number, which led to the need to open his own factory. In honor of the brand's daughter was named Pituso.

Pituso became popular Spanish brand specializing in the production of goods for children in middle price segment.

The range presented by the brand is constantly growing - strollers, car seats, high chairs, chaise lounges, Electroswing and other products for a little tot.

Baby & Pituso captivate adults with its elegant design and functionality. In manufacture pleasant, gentle and practical fabric, eco-friendly plastic, which has all the necessary certificates confirming safety of products for the health of babies.

Bright colors, modern style, high quality materials that meet all international requirements, allows Pituso brand products fully meet the expectations of even the most demanding customer.

"Children's smile is priceless! Pituso. »

Own Brand «Bambola»

BamBola (Bambolim) - Italian family brand, the manufacturer of a wide range of products for children under 3 years: feeding chair, cradles, children's car seats, strollers, walkers, educational toys, and others.

Founded in 2003, the sisters Anna and Silvia Rizzo, ardent supporters of that children's products must be not only beautiful and comfortable, but multifunctional, makes life easier for parents with preschool children.

Since then the brand BamBola growing steadily, thanks to thorough approach to the development of children's products, and affordable pricing.

Since 2015 the company is expanding its product range, starting line of children's textiles.

Quality and innovation are one of the features that have always characterized BamBola. Continuous improvement, introduction of new technology, functional design - step by step gaining industry segment products for children!

The main slogan of the company confirms it - "Beauty, availability and functionality!"

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